Halloween Safety for Dogs

Halloween isn’t very far off now. The stores are filling with seasonal decorations, costumes, and candy, and people have started decorating their houses. The autumn holiday can be lots of fun, but it can also be dangerous for our canine companions. Read on as an Ellicott City, MD vet offers tips on keeping Fido safe this Halloween.


As you’ve probably noticed, Fido is very, very enthusiastic about food, and will snap up pretty much anything and everything. Keep that Halloween candy in places your dog can’t reach. Many of those sweets contain things that are poisonous to dogs, such as chocolate, nuts, raisins, and xylitol. Offer your pup a doggy biscuit instead.


While some dogs will ignore decorations, others will try to investigate them … by eating them. Place anything that Fido may be tempted to chew on in a spot he can’t access. You definitely don’t want your pooch eating your fake pumpkin or other seasonal decorations. Candles and potpourri burners are also hazardous. Keep them in high, secure spots, well out of paws’ reach.


Halloween often brings an increase in traffic, both on the streets and on the sidewalk. Keep Fido on a tight leash when walking him. If you are walking on the side of the road, keep your canine pal to the outside, and don’t let him get close to the road. At night, use reflective gear and clothing for both you and your pet. We also recommend keeping pets indoors as much as possible around Halloween.


Dogs are always adorable, but they are extra cute in costumes. Fido makes an adorable dinosaur! Just be sure to let your pup have a say in his outfit. Don’t put your four-legged pal in anything that is hot, tight, itchy, or constricting. You’ll also want to avoid costumes with small pieces, like buttons, that he may be tempted to chew on.


Dogs often get quite excited when the doorbell rings. Your canine buddy may also get frightened or agitated by some of the costumes the neighborhood kids are wearing. If your pet gets worked up when guests arrive, put him in a quiet back room with comfy bedding, toys, and treats, and just let him sleep through Halloween.

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