Puppy & Kitten Plans

You’ve just welcomed an adorable new furry family member into your life! Keeping that little one happy, healthy and fit takes a commitment. At Marriottsville Animal Hospital, we’d like to make achieving this goal a bit easier and more affordable for you. Our comprehensive healthy puppy and kitten plans are designed to start your furry little one off on the right paw without breaking the bank.


What is included?

We offer pre-packaged plans for puppy and kitten wellness, including plans with or without neuter or spay. All plans feature the fundamentals of wellness care, including a thorough health check and core vaccinations.

For a complete description of the plan’s coverage and benefits, please see the attached brochure and contact us to learn more.


How do I enroll?

Enrolling in one of our healthy puppy or kitten plans is easy. Simply mention it at your next appointment or contact the office today for assistance. Once enrolled, all plan prices are guaranteed.

Please note, to be eligible, pets must be healthy at the time of enrollment. All services and procedures offered in our puppy and kitten plans must be completed by the time your pet is 6 months of age.

At Marriottsville Animal Hospital, we believe that quality health care for pets should be easy and affordable. Our comprehensive healthy puppy and kitten plans help take the worry out of managing your new companion’s health and allow you to budget that care over time.


Give us a call to learn more or to enroll your pet into one of our health plans today!