DIY Bird Toys

Do you have a feathered buddy for a pet? Birds are lots of fun, and manage to stuff a lot of personality into small packages. Polly is not only very cute, she’s also quite playful! Therefore, it’s very important to provide your colorful little friend with lots of playthings. You can of course buy your pet’s toys, but you can also make your own. These can make great projects for kids! In this article, a local Ellicott City, MD vet lists some great DIY bird toys you can make for your pet.

Hanging Toys

Hanging toys are great fun for birds! Use twine to string together various combinations of popsicle sticks, plastic bottlecaps, playing cards, rice cakes, plastic shower curtain rings, beads, and/or poker chips.

Gift Baskets

Get a wicker basket with handles. Make sure it’s clean and disinfected. Look for any sharp splinters or pieces that are sticking out. You may want to wrap a soft cloth around the handles. Fill the basket with a variety of fun toys. You can use the items we suggested for hanging toys above. Other good options include children’s blocks, bells, and the cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls.

Egg Cartons

You can do quite a bit with egg cartons. (Note: only give Polly the corrugated cardboard ones, not the Styrofoam type.) Cut out two of the pockets, fill them with millet or another treat, and then glue them together with non-toxic glue. You can also make fun hanging toys out of them.

Phone Books

Many of our feathered patients absolutely love destroying old phone books. If you have any lying around, punch holes through one corner. Then, hang it in Polly’s cage with twine, and let her have at it.


Pasta is one of Polly’s favorite treats. It’s also one of her favorite toys! Give your pet some uncooked spaghetti. Your winged buddy may have a blast just breaking the strands.


Never give Polly anything with sharp edges or dangling threads. Items that are small or easily breakable—such as soft plastic toys—are also unsafe, as is anything covered in paint, varnish, dye, or glitter. Also, rotate your bird’s toys regularly to keep things fun and fresh for her. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us, your Ellicott City, MD vet clinic, with any questions about caring for your bird. We are here to help!

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