7 Good Reasons Not To Take Your Cat To Work

June 17th is Take Your Cat To Work Day! This sounds very cute and fun, but is it really a good idea to take your feline pal to the office? Here, an Ellicott City, MD vet lists some reasons not to bring Fluffy in to work with you.

Sleeping On The Job

Generally, being able to fall asleep at any time, and in almost any spot or position, isn’t something people look for on resumes. Fluffy is an expert at these things, and would probably immediately fall asleep on the clock. This could be a motivational issue for you. After all, having a cat purring in your lap is very relaxing. That’s great when you’re winding down after a long day, but isn’t quite as useful during said long day.

Plant Attack

Many cats love nibbling on green leaves, and peeking out from behind them. However, your boss may not be thrilled if your pet eats all the office plants.

Sub-Par Computer Skills

Cats have some special skills, such as pouncing, napping, and being adorable. They really aren’t very good at using computers, though. Fluffy has a way of walking across keyboards at inopportune times. She also likes sleeping on them. (This may be because they’re warm, but it could also be a tactic for filling the internet with cat photos.)

Shoelace Ambush

There are some things cats just can’t resist. Shoelaces are definitely on that list. Fluffy may not score very high on her review if she pounce on your boss’s shoelaces!

Chair Theft

Kitties are very opportunistic, especially when it comes to finding warm napping spots. Fluffy may very well spend the day stealing your co-workers’ chairs!

Desk Hockey

Your cat would probably amuse herself knocking pens, paperclips, and other small objects off desks and counters. This wouldn’t make for a very productive workday!


While many of these reasons are lighthearted, there are some more serious considerations. Most cats actually get very nervous when they are taken out of their domains. Fluffy’s not a big fan of car rides, either. Chances are, your pet would be much happier staying home and taking a nap while you’re out earning money for pet food and catnip.

Please call us, your Ellicott City, MD vet, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re here for you!

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