Spending The 4th of July With Fido

The Fourth of July is coming up quick! We all know what that means: barbeques, fireworks, and summertime fun. Fido will be more than happy to spend the holiday with you, but you’ll need to take some precautions to keep him safe. Here, an Ellicott City, MD vet discusses 4th of July dog care.

Keep Fido Cool

July is often scorching hot. Make sure Fido always has shade and fresh water. Cold snacks, like doggy ice cream, will keep that tail wagging. Your canine buddy may enjoy swimming and/or splashing around in a kiddie pool. Keep a close eye on your pup, and don’t leave him unattended near water.

Offer Suitable Snacks

Fido definitely won’t turn his cute nose up at a cheeseburger or hot dog from the grill. It’s fine to give your furry friend a yummy snack. However, many of the foods you often find at barbeques are toxic to dogs. The list of dangerous foods includes garlic, onions, scallions, and chives; nuts, especially macadamia nuts; grapes, currants, and raisins; pitted fruits; alcohol; avocados (and therefore, guacamole); chocolate; caffeine; meat on the bone; raw meat, dough, and yeast; and anything containing xylitol.


Many things associated with the 4th are dangerous to dogs. Fires and barbeques are one concern. You’ll also need to keep chemicals, such as bug spray, sunscreen, torch oil, and citronella, away from Fido.

Prepare For Fireworks

Sadly, America’s birthday is a peak time for lost pet reports. As you may know, many dogs are terrified of fireworks. Even the most faithful pooch can bolt if they get scared! Bring Fido indoors before the show starts. Put him in his crate or in a quiet interior room, with bedding, treats, and toys, and turn a TV or radio on to mask the noise. Keep in mind that many people start shooting fireworks off before the holiday. Therefore, we recommend limiting your furry pal’s outdoor time that week, especially after dark. If you have a yard, make sure your fences are secure and that your gates close automatically. Your pup should also be microchipped and wearing ID tags, just in case.

Parasite Control

Summer is prime time for fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Protect Fido from these pests by keeping up on his preventative care.

Happy 4th of July! Please contact us, your Ellicott City, MD vet clinic, anytime.

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