Tips for Cleaning a Birdcage

Birds are very cute and fun friends for us. One thing that is very important to your pet’s health and well-being is making sure that her cage is clean. Dirty cages are not only smelly and unsightly, they also increase the risk of your pet getting sick! An Ellicott City, MD vet offers some tips on cleaning your feathered friend’s cage in this article.

Prep The Area

Birds are adorable, but they sometimes can be sloppy roommates. You may want to put plastic mats on the floor beneath Polly’s cage. It also may be a good idea to get a small vacuum or hand vacuum to easily clean these areas up.

Time It Right

If possible, clean Polly’s cage just after her bath. That way, your clean pet will be able to enjoy a clean cage. (This is sort of like the bird equivalent of sleeping on fresh sheets right after taking a relaxing bath or shower.)

Be Prepared

One trick that may make cleaning easier is to stack pages or newspaper or butcher paper in the bottom of the cage. When you remove the soiled top sheet, there will be a fresh one underneath.


It’s always easier to keep up with things when you make a set schedule. Every day, you’ll need to remove waste and uneaten food, clean Polly’s dishes, and replace her liner. You’ll also want to spot clean any messes. About once a week, you’ll need to scrub your pet’s cage and clean, disinfect, and rotate her toys and perches. Every month or so, you’ll need to do a deep cleaning, and scrub and disinfect the whole cage.

Get Duplicates

We recommend getting Polly more than one set of dishes. She’ll also need an assortment of toys and perches. You’ll need to take everything out to do the weekly cleaning. Don’t put things back in the same place. Changing and rearranging things will help keep your little buddy from getting bored and restless in her cage.


Keep all of the things you need for cleaning Polly’s cage in one spot. An old toothbrush works really well for getting into all of those nooks and crannies. You’ll also want to use a mild detergent for your pet’s things. Ask your vet for specific advice. 

Do you have questions about bird care? Call us, your Ellicott City, MD vet clinic, anytime!

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