Resolutions For People Who Love Exotic Pets

Happy New Year’s! Are you making resolutions this year? There are lots of ways for animal lovers to incorporate our furred, feathered, and scaled friends into resolutions. Here, a Midtown Miami, FL veterinarian lists some resolutions related to exotic pets.

Support Conservation Efforts

Our beautiful habitat is threatened in many ways. You’ve likely heard of many of the issues facing the Everglades. The release of many large snakes is one issue that has been ongoing for a long time! You don’t have to go all-out in order to support conservation efforts. This can be as simple as buying sustainable products, and limiting your use of toxic chemicals and one-time use plastics.

Adopt A Rescue

Exotic pets have many wonderful qualities. However, they are often purchased impulsively by people who really don’t understand their care needs. Inevitably, this results in animals being surrendered or rehomed—or worse, abandoned. If you do want to adopt an exotic pet, consider getting a rescue.

Spread The Word

There are many things to love about exotic pets. They are all very fascinating and unique. Plus, many of them are also super cute! Help spread awareness about the importance of adopting responsibly. Even sharing a few posts on social media may help.

Shop Responsibly

If you want to adopt an exotic pet, go through a reputable breeder or opt for a rescue, as mentioned above. Sadly, there is still a thriving black market trade on many types of exotic animals. Animals caught from the wild just don’t do well in captivity. They’re also much more likely to be at risk from illness, disease, or parasites than those whose parents were domesticated.

Do Research First

Adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment, and is definitely not something you should take lightly. Before bringing one into your home, do plenty of research. You’ll want to look at your potential pet’s diet and habitat needs, as well as their expected adult size. Never buy an animal on impulse.

Spend Time With Them

Have you adopted an exotic animal? Continue to educate yourself about your new buddy, and pay close attention to their mannerisms and behavior. The better you know your pet, the better you’ll be able to care for them!

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