Entertaining Your Hedgehog

Are you considering getting a hedgehog? This is the perfect time to do it: tomorrow is Hedgehog Day! Just like our larger animal companions, hedgehogs do need entertainment and stimulation to be happy. You’ll need to provide Hedgie with lots of fun toys. A local Ellicott City, MD vet offers some advice on keeping your quilled buddy amused below.


Like other small animals, hedgehogs love exploring mazes. You can use store-bought ones, or make your own out of PVC pipe or even boxes. Make sure it’s big enough, so Hedgie won’t get stuck.

Cat Toys

Many of Fluffy’s toys are appropriate for hedgehogs. Those little balls with bells in them can be great fun for your prickly pet. Hedgehogs often like stuffed animals, which you can also use kitty toys for. Just be sure to pick ones that don’t have any catnip in them.


Hedgie is quite curious, and loves to explore things. Give your pet a tissue box or shoebox to play in. Remove any small or unsafe parts first.

Exercise Wheels

Exercise wheels are very popular with our furry friends, including hedgehogs. Just be sure to pick a solid one. The wire wheels can be dangerous, and can cause paw injuries.

Dump Trucks

Believe it or not, many hedgehogs love playing with toy cars. Dump trucks are actually a huge hit with them, as you can fill the back with toys.

Dig Boxes

These are sort of a combination of all the above items. Get a shallow box or basket, and fill it with different things for Hedgie to investigate. In addition to the items we listed already, you can add things like crumpled-up paper balls, ping pong balls, and toilet paper tubes.

DIY Toys

Do you like making things? You can find instructions online for many different hedgehog toys that you can make yourself. Many of these can make great projects for kids!


It’s worth pointing out that Hedgie often prefers brightly-colored items. Indulge your pet’s love of color as much as you can. Safety first, though. Don’t give your tiny little buddy anything with sharp edges or small parts. Items with ropes or strings are also unsafe. Ask your vet for more recommendations.

As your Ellicott City, MD veterinary clinic, we are dedicated to offering great care. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about caring for your hedgehog.

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