Fall Walks With Fido

Today is the first day of Walk Your Dog Week. This is a perfect time of year to take your pooch for a stroll. The scenery, weather, and fresh air can make for a great afternoon with your canine buddy! Just be sure to put safety first. Here, an Ellicott City, MD vet discusses walking Fido in autumn.

Be Cautious Of Toxins

Many seasonal plants and flowers are toxic to dogs. That includes several flowers, such as chrysanthemums and autumn crocuses, as well as many mushrooms. Plus, at this time of year, many people are applying fertilizers and other chemicals to their property. Rodent traps are another concern. Keep a close eye on your pup!


It can get pretty chilly at this time of year! If Fido wears jackets or sweaters, make sure everything fits and is clean and in decent shape. Take extra care with older dogs, puppies, and pooches with thin fur, as they’re very sensitive to the cold.

Try Somewhere New

Our canine pals love going to new places. Fall really is the perfect time for this! Take Fido to a pretty park or trail before the weather turns. (Tip: Download an app to help you find new dog-friendly trails and parks to explore.)

Night Walks

The sun sets pretty early at this time of year. Consider getting a leash with a built-in flashlight. Fido should have a reflective collar, leash, and/or harness. It’s also best to keep after-dark walks short and sweet.

Be Cautious Of Hunters

If you’re headed out into a rural area, be mindful of hunting season. Get Fido a bright orange bandana or vest, and wear something similar yourself.


Designate a specific jacket for walking Fido, and keep the pockets filled with the things you may need, such as waste baggies. Also, wear shoes or boots with good tread, especially once the snow and ice hit.

Be Safe

When walking on the side of a road, keep your furry friend to the outside, so he doesn’t veer into the road. Also, don’t let Fido get ahead of you when crossing driveways or intersections. If you want to listen to music or podcasts, keep the volume low enough so you can still hear what’s going on around you.

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