Cuddle Up Day

Did you know that January 6th is Cuddle Up Day? That’s definitely something we can get on board with! Many of our furry patients are quite the little snuggle bugs. An Ellicott City, MD vet discusses cuddling pets in this article.


We all love cuddling pets, but did you know that it’s actually good for us? Physical contact with our animal friends releases beneficial hormones and endorphins, such as serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. And, as anyone who has ever hugged their furry friend on a bad day knows, the love and support pets provide is truly precious. Fido and Fluffy are a wonderful source of comfort and love! 

Cuddliest Pets

It’s pretty common knowledge that many dogs and cats are super affectionate. Other animals can also be very snuggly. Pot-bellied pigs, for instance, are much more lovable than many people realize. Rabbits are also quite cuddly, though they can be particular about being held. Guinea pigs, sugar gliders, cockatoos, and horses also enjoy attention and snuggles. 

The Rules Of Cuddling Pets

There are some things to keep in mind when cuddling your pet. First and foremost, never force an animal to submit to being held or petted. They may only make them feel scared and threatened, which could prompt an attack. Also, keep in mind that many pets only like to be held for a short time. When Fluffy or Fido decide they’ve had enough, don’t force them to submit: just let them go. (Kitties often demand attention when you’re busy, and then ignore you when you’re reading or watching TV, but that’s another topic.)

Kids And Pets

Children and pets make adorable cuddle buddies. This pairing definitely makes for some super cute pictures! The unconditional love and support pets provide can be extremely beneficial for children. However, if your kids are still very young, you’ll need to supervise those cuddle sessions carefully. Kids can be unintentionally rough, and may not be able to interpret signs that a pet is uncomfortable. Better safe than sorry! 

Pets That Need Cuddles

Shelters are full of cute, sweet pets that really only want someone to love them and cuddle them. If you aren’t ready to adopt, consider helping out in other ways, perhaps by volunteering or fostering. That’s a great resolution!

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