Getting Your Cat A Collar

Do you keep a collar on your feline pal? Fluffy certainly doesn’t need a collar to look cute, but they can be helpful. There are a few things to consider when getting your little buddy a collar. An Ellicott City, MD vet goes over some of them below. 




The most important thing when choosing a collar is getting one that fits right. Generally, you should be able to put two fingers between the collar and Fluffy’s neck. Aside from that, you can choose any style or material you like. Have fun with this! A pampered princess kitty may look adorable in a sparkly pink collar.




Of course, the main purpose of a collar is to hang tags from. Tags and microchips are both crucial, and can become lifelines if Fluffy is ever lost or stolen. While we recommend keeping cats inside, if you do let your feline buddy go outdoors, you may want to get her a GPS collar. Hanging a bell on your kitty’s collar is also something to consider. This can help protect local wildlife, by giving birds and small critters a warning that there’s a tiny lion on the prowl nearby.




While most of us associate walking pets with taking Fido for a stroll, some cats do enjoy being walked on leashes. Harnesses are going to be the safer option for this purrpose. Choose one that fits well, and give your feline friend time to get used to it before incorporating the leash. Harnesses should not be left on all the time: just put it on before taking your furball out, and take it off when you bring her in.

Breakaway Collar 


There is one safety concern with collars: the possibility of Fluffy getting stuck on something, and potentially getting choked or entangled. Breakaway collars are a good solution for this. As the name suggests, they will release under pressure. 


Flea Collars 


Flea collars were very popular a few decades ago. They’re still around today, though people—and kitties—likely prefer other methods of flea control now. If you do choose a flea collar, we would advise avoiding OTC products and anything sold by discount retailers. You’ll also want to check reviews and recall information. Ask your vet for recommendations. 


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