Hot Weather Care Tips for Dogs

Summer can be pretty tough for Fido. Dogs can cool themselves off a bit by panting, but they can’t sweat, so it’s very easy—and very dangerous—for them to overheat. Read on as an Ellicott City, MD vet offers tips on keeping Fido cool.


Brushing Fido regularly will remove dead fur and dander from his coat. This will help him stay cooler in summer, and keep him warmer in winter. Of course, some pups will be more comfortable with a cool summer cut. Just check with your vet first: doggy haircuts can actually damage the coats of some breeds, like Akitas. You’ll also want to protect your pet’s feet by using paw balm or wax.


Making sure Fido always has water is important all year, but it’s especially crucial in summertime. If you have more than one pup, or a large house, set out multiple water stations.

Limit Activity

When it’s really sweltering out, limit your pooch’s outdoor time during the hottest part of the day. If Fido spends time in the yard, make sure he always has water and shade, and don’t leave him out too long.

Cold Snacks

Want to score some extra tail wags? Offer Fido a bit of doggy ice cream. You can also put water, sodium- free broth, peanut butter, or organic baby food into a Kong toy and freeze it for him.


Many dogs love swimming! Just be sure to put your canine pal’s safety first. Don’t bring Fido anywhere with heavy wakes, fast currents, deep water, or potential gators. If you bring your pup to a pool, take time to show him where the stairs are. That way, he can get out if he falls in accidentally.

Comfy Bed

Get Fido a comfy hammock-type bed. These stay cooler than regular doggy beds, since air can move beneath them. Your pooch may also like having a cold water bottle in his bed, beneath a soft towel.


If your furry buddy is scared of bad weather, take him inside when the sky gets dark. Put him in a crate or a quiet interior room with bedding, toys, and treats, and turn a radio on to mask the noise. Pet-calming products, like shirts, sprays, or collars, may also help.

Please reach out to us, your Ellicott City, MD pet hospital, anytime. We’re here to help!

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