Keeping Fluffy Entertained

Is your cat sleeping right now? There’s a good chance that the answer to that question is yes. Kitties certainly are tired! However, even the sleepiest feline can’t spend all of her time napping. In order to keep your pet happy and healthy, you’ll need to offer her some entertainment options. A local Ellicott City, MD vet offers some tips on this below.


Make sure Fluffy always has lots of kitty toys to push under the couch. Cats all have their own tastes. Some like balls, while others prefer catnip mice or wand toys. You can also get your kitty some great modern toys, like automated laser pointers or mechanical swimming fish. Offer your pet a variety to see what she likes best.


As far as Fluffy is concerned, the best cat toy ever may be you! Spend a few minutes a day holding a laser pointer or feather toy for your kitty to play with. It will be fun for you both!

A Room With A View

Cats can spend hours just relaxing in the sun and watching birds and squirrels. Offer Fluffy at least one comfy window seat with a good view.

A Taste of Nature

Set out some pet-safe plants for your cat to nibble on. Kitties love peeking out at their owners from behind green leaves! Check the ASPCA site for a list of safe options.

Background Noise

If you leave Fluffy home alone, turn a TV or radio on. The background noise will help soothe her, and keep her from feeling lonely.


Get Fluffy a few good pieces of cat furniture. Younger cats may enjoy fun kitty activity centers, while older felines may prefer comfortable pieces, so they can relax and supervise their human pals. Cat towers are a great option!

Places to Explore

Our curious furry friends love to explore small spaces. Get Fluffy some pet tents and kitty tipis. Rearrange them regularly to keep things fun for her. Cats also enjoy investigating empty boxes and paper grocery bags.


This isn’t the right solution for every household, but if Fluffy is an only pet, she may appreciate a buddy. Consider the ages, temperaments, and histories of both kitties before deciding. After all, letting a cat adopt you is a lifelong commitment!

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