Help Your Pet Have A Stress-Free Holiday

The holiday season is officially upon us! This can be a stressful time of year for pets. Loud noises, guests, decorations, boarding, travel, and changes in schedule can all make our furry pals uneasy. A local Ellicott City, MD vet offers some tips on keeping your pet stress-free below.

Offer Safe Spaces

The holidays can get pretty hectic. Make sure your pet always has a safe space to retreat to if things get loud. New Year’s Eve, for example, can be very scary to pets, because of the noise and fireworks. If you have a kitty, keep your feline friend indoors around the holiday. As for Fido, limit his outdoor time as the end of the year approaches. You may want to put your furry buddy in a quiet back room with bedding, toys, and treats before the ball drops. Turn a TV or radio on to mask the noise.

Curate Your Guest List

Many people like to bring their dogs to events and gatherings. However, if your pet doesn’t like having four-legged ‘intruders’ in their domain, you may want to ask guests not to bring their canine companions. Of course, this very much depends on the pooch. A rambunctious pooch that isn’t properly trained will of course be more problematic than a calm, friendly pup.

Make Time To Play

Playing is a great way to help your pet burn off any excess energy they have. It’s also very helpful at calming nervous animals. Spend time playing with your four-legged friend every day!

Supervise Interactions Between Pets And Children

While some dogs and cats are very patient with children, this isn’t always the case. Little kids can sometimes get a bit too enthusiastic about Fluffy and Fido. Toddlers, in particular, don’t always know the do’s and don’ts of interacting with pets, and may chase them, pull their tails, play rough, or frighten them by making loud noises. This is another case where you’d want to give your furry friend a safe retreat.

Spend Quality Time

Last but not least, remember to just spend some time with your pet. The holidays are a great time to just relax and settle in with a seasonal movie, a hot beverage, and your furry best friend!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Marriottsville Animal Hospital, your Ellicott City, MD pet clinic. Please contact us anytime!

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