Resolutions For Confused Cats

Happy New Year! Many of our feline friends slept through most of last night’s festivities, but they are already gearing up for Mew Year’s Day, or New Year’s Day For Cats, which is tomorrow. If your kitty could make resolutions, what do you think she would strive for? We suspect that Fluffy may want some of her questions answered. In this article, an Ellicott City, MD vet lists some resolutions for kitties that don’t quite have everything figured out yet.

Why Can’t I Catch That Red Dot?

Kitties are super cute when they are feeling frisky. Fluffy may never figure out her elusive prey, but she isn’t giving up any time soon!

Why Do You Make Me Go In The Car?

Most cats aren’t particularly fond of car rides. In fact, many kitties think the car is some sort of predator hurtling them towards certain doom. (Fido, of course, has a very different opinion on the matter.) Regardless, coming to visit us is definitely in your pet’s best interest.

Why Is There A Monster In The Kitchen?

Have you ever dropped a pan while your kitty was in the room? Chances are, Fluffy hightailed it out of there as quickly as her little paws could carry her.

Why Did You Take My Toy Away?

Fluffy is very frisky and playful, but she doesn’t necessarily know what is and isn’t safe for her to play with. You may very well find yourself taking something unsafe, like a rubber band or piece of plastic, away from your precocious pet this year.

What Is That Machine?

Many kitties are absolutely terrified of vacuum cleaners. As far as Fluffy is concerned, this household appliance is an evil robot that’s trying to eat her.

What’s Wrong With The Dog?

Our canine companions don’t make much sense to Fluffy. Fido will eat almost anything, doesn’t use a litterbox, and enjoys car rides. Plus, he actually seems to enjoy doing what he’s told!

Why Can’t You Grasp String Theory?

Cats certainly are mysterious little furballs. In fact, they seem to have their own set of rules when it comes to physics. We wouldn’t be entirely shocked to discover that Fluffy has a talent for quantum physics.

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