Keeping a Senior Cat Purring

Did you know that cats are officially seniors by the time they are ten? Kitties usually age gracefully, so you aren’t likely to notice drastic changes right away. However, Fluffy will benefit from some extra TLC as she ages. Here, an Ellicott City, MD vet offers some advice on keeping a senior cat purring.


Fluffy may develop vision problems in her golden years. Keeping a nightlight on after dark will help her find her way around at night.

Warm Beds

Cats somehow manage to sleep even more in their senior years than young felines. Offer your pet lots of napping spots to choose from. Store-bought beds are fine, but kitties also love snuggling up in soft throw blankets. (You get bonus purrs for putting at least one of Fluffy’s beds in a sunny spot or near a heating vent.)

Proper Food

Pets never outgrow the need for good nutrition. Fluffy may also benefit from certain supplements, such as fish oil. Ask your vet for specific advice, including when to switch to senior-formula food.

Kitty Workout

Try to play with Fluffy every day. Use a toy that you control, such as a laser pointer, to make it more challenging for your feline buddy. This is a great workout! Plus, the mental stimulation cats get from ‘stalking’ their prey is very beneficial. It’s sort of like the kitty version of doing a crossword puzzle.


Senior kitties often get stiff and sore, which can make it hard for them to groom themselves. Brush Fluffy regularly to get the dead fur and dander out of her coat. This is also a good time to inspect your pet, and look for bumps, bruises, or other signs of illness or injury.


Fluffy may prefer a litterbox with low walls. If your home has multiple floors, keep litterboxes and water bowls on every level. That way, she won’t have to use the stairs as much.

Pet Ramps

Many kitties like high spots, like the back of a chair or sofa. Get Fluffy some pet ramps, or arrange footstools for her to use as stairs.


Get Fluffy a few age-appropriate pieces of furniture, such as a cat tower with the lowest levels close to the floor. Instant purr!

Please contact us, your Ellicott City, MD pet clinic, for all your senior cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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