Winter Hazards for Kitties

The official start of winter is just a few weeks off. Just like any other season, winter brings some specific risks to our feline friends. Read on as a local Ellicott City, MD vet lists some of the things that can endanger your cat in winter.


Fluffy may have a fur coat on, but that isn’t enough to protect her from snow and cold. Kitties are actually very susceptible to frostbite, especially on their ears, paws, and the tips of their tails. Your furry pal will be much safer inside! If you do let your feline buddy roam, make sure she always has some sort of emergency shelter. This can be a plastic storage tote with a hole in one side, and some blankets or newspapers added.


Antifreeze is a huge concern at this time of year. It’s extremely poisonous to our feline pals! Unfortunately, many brands have a sweet flavor that kitties like. Opt for a pet-safe product. Of course, even the pet-safe version of antifreeze isn’t exactly healthy. Mop up spills right away, and put litter or sand on damp spots.


Frigid temperatures aren’t the only thing that’s dangerous about winter. Cats that go outdoors could easily get trapped in a storm. Snow also masks the scents and landmarks that help pets find their way home, which increases the risk of them getting lots. Keep Fluffy safe, warm, and purring indoors!


Kitties are quite bold and fearless, and they don’t always know what is and isn’t safe for them. Your pet could try to jump on a space heater. Candles are also a concern. Your furry friend could get too close to the flame, or even put her tail in it. This is not only dangerous for Fluffy, it’s also a huge fire risk! Put candles and potpourri burners in spots your pet can’t access, and use grates before heaters and fireplaces.


Keep in mind that it gets dark very early at this time of year. Fluffy may be quite sad and upset if she is left by herself in a dark, quiet house. If you won’t be home before the sun goes down, turn a light and a radio on for your kitty before you leave.

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