Adorable Things Fido Will Do in 2021

Happy New Year! We’re definitely happy to say goodbye to 2020, and ring in a new year. As we change our calendars over, many people are thinking about their plans and goals for the next 12 months. If you have a dog, Fido will be right there with you over the coming year. Of course, he’s got some pretty cute things on his to-do list, too! An Ellicott City, MD vet lists a few of them below.

Happy Dance

Dogs can be very, very excitable, and their exuberance is always cute. Fido may greet you at the door with an endearing dance of affection, or jump for joy when he realizes it’s time for a walk.


Begging is bad petiquette, so we really can’t officially condone it. That said, we also can’t deny that it’s adorable. Treats are fine, but don’t let Fido get too pushy!

Play With A New Toy

Playing is great fun for Fido, but it’s also really good for him. A fun game of Fetch or Tag offers your furry pal a wonderful doggy workout, and helps stave off the dreaded bored-doggy blues. Get your pooch plenty of fun toys this year!

Learn Something New

Did you know that learning new things helps boost Fido’s confidence? Many of our canine companions get adorably proud of themselves when they master a new trick. If your pup hasn’t mastered basic commands yet, work on those this year. Otherwise, show him a fun trick, like Sing or Roll Over.

Get Confused

Man’s Best Friend is very smart, but he does have his own version of intelligence. Some pups can learn up to 120 words. However, that wisdom won’t stop Fido from barking at the vacuum cleaner.

Try To Avoid Baths

Unlike cats, dogs need a bit of help with their beauty regimens. While Fido will definitely feel cleaner and more comfortable with soft fur, he’s not very fond of the bathing process. Your canine friend may try to get out of the ordeal by using adorable antics like looking away or trying to hide. Sorry, buddy!

Tail Wag

We couldn’t very well list Fido’s cutest habits without including the tail wag. Some pups start thumping their tails as soon as their humans just look at them!

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