Tips for Playing With a Senior Cat

Is your cat getting up there in years? Fluffy may not be as frisky as she once was, but she’ll still benefit from play sessions. The physical exercise and mental stimulation playing offers are great for your feline pal! However, playing with an older kitty is a bit different than playing with a kitten. An Ellicott City, MD vet offers some tips on playing with a senior furball in this article.

Make It Routine

Our feline overlords tend to be creatures of habit. You may notice that Fluffy sticks to a set kitty schedule for things like naps, meals, grooming sessions, and more naps, meals, and grooming sessions. Try to play with your furry buddy every day, at roughly the same time.

Don’t Worry About Overexertion

When playing with older dogs, you have to be really careful not to overdo it, as Fido will exhaust himself trying to please his humans. This isn’t an issue with cats. The moment Fluffy decides she’s tired, she’ll just quit playing and go take one of her 43 daily naps.

Choose Senior-Friendly Toys

While Fluffy may never outgrow her favorite type of catnip mouse, at this point in her life, she may prefer things that are easy to track. Experiment with toys that light up or make noise. You may also find that your furry pal becomes less sensitive to catnip as she ages. This is purrfectly normal!

Pick A Safe Area

You don’t exactly need to build a kitty playground for Fluffy. However, you should pick a spot that is free of potential dangers, such as stairs and fireplaces. A flat, carpeted surface is best.

Choose Suitable Toys

This one applies to kitties of all ages. While Fluffy may think that a pen cap is a great adversary, it’s best to stick with things that are actually supposed to be cat toys. Don’t use anything that is sharp, or anything that could be toxic. Also, put string toys up after use.

Have Fun

Don’t think of playing with your feline friend as a chore. This will be really fun for Fluffy, and we suspect it will brighten up your day a bit as well. It’s always cute seeing a furball in her golden years playfully batting at a toy!

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