Walking Your Bunny

Have you considered taking your pet bunny for a walk? There are both benefits and downfalls to letting Floppy go outdoors. A local Ellicott City, MD vet offers some advice on this below.

Should You Walk Floppy?

Many animals benefit from the sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and stimulation of going outdoors. Bunnies can, too, but only if they are actually interested in any of that. Not all rabbits enjoy being outside or wearing harnesses. If Floppy seems scared of her harness, and/or doesn’t seem to like being outdoors, don’t force her!


If you’ve decided to let your bunny explore the Great Outdoors, the next step is to choose a harness. Size is of course very important here. It should be loose enough to allow your furry pal to move freely, but tight enough so that she can’t slip out. You’ll need to take Floppy’s measurements. First, measure from the base of her neck to about halfway down her back. Next, get her circumference. Write these measurements down. Do not use a collar! Floppy could hurt herself badly if she tries to jump in one.

Taking Floppy Outdoors

If you do take your furry buddy out, choose a safe area, where there are no dogs or other animals around. Make sure you have enough room on your leash to account for sudden hops or binkies. Don’t expect Floppy to follow you, as a dog (or some cats) would. As any bunny owner can tell you, rabbits are quite opinionated, and will do what they want to do. You’ll of course need to keep your furball out of danger, but otherwise just let her go where she wants. If you try to force your pet to go in a certain direction, she may have an anxiety attack. 


It is important to point out that if you take your bunny outside, she may very well immediately start chewing grass and plants. This can be very dangerous, as not everything is safe for your furry little friend to eat. There’s also a concern of Floppy picking up fleas or ticks. You’ll need to ask your vet for specific advice on this, as there are no flea and tick preventatives that are officially made for rabbits. Never give your bunny anything without consulting her doctor!

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