International Pooper Scooper Week

International Pooper Scooper Week starts today, April 1st. We know, this isn’t something most people care to celebrate. It’s also National Wildlife Week, which is definitely a more pleasant topic. However, there are a few things to point out about pooper scoopers. A Ellicott City, MD vet lists some of them below.


First and foremost, picking up after Fido is just the polite thing to do, especially when you take him off your property. You don’t want to be that inconsiderate neighbor that leaves a mess on the sidewalk! Of course, even if you do have a fenced yard, you’ll need to pick up after your pup. Otherwise, you may find yourself cleaning a mess off your shoes! Dog waste can also attract flies and other unwanted guests.

Water Contamination

Did you know that dog feces are a major source of water contamination? Fido’s waste will seep into the ground, and can contaminate the water supply. Picking up after your pet isn’t just about manners: it will also help protect the environment.

On The Trail

Do you like to take Fido hiking with you? In some areas, you may be able to bury your canine pal’s waste, instead of scooping it. Just be sure to check local ordinances first.

A Helpful … Robot?

Robot technology has certainly advanced rapidly over the past few decades. We’re now seeing more and more ‘service’ robots. Some cities were even able to enjoy food delivery robots during quarantine. Now, you can actually get your own pooper scooper robot. There are several models, including Laika, who will also feed and play with Fido; Beetl, a model from Flash Robotics; and the Poop-ha from West Paws. These mechanical helpers will run you a pretty penny. Then again, not having to scoop may very well be worth it. If you don’t want to go quite so far as to get a robot, there’s also the Pooch Power Shovel, which is a high-tech pooper scooper.


A pooper scooper isn’t very helpful without waste baggies. Consider stashing extras around your house. Get some fake ‘storage’ rocks, or keep some in a plant pot. That way, you don’t have to go back inside if you run out.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Ellicott City, MD veterinary clinic, we are here to help!

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