Bringing a Rescue Dog Home

Was your canine companion once a rescue dog? Are you considering getting a rescue dog? If so, you’re not alone. Many of our adorable patients are former rescues, who are now living their best lives as loved and pampered pets. Here, a local Ellicott City, MD veterinarian discusses helping Fido get settled.


Before bringing Fido home, make sure that everything is ready for him. You’ll need to pick up basic doggy supplies, such as food, toys, treats, dishes, and bedding. You’ll also need to do some petproofing. This is very important: you don’t want to find out the hard way that your new furry friend eats shoes! Remove or secure anything small or sharp. Other things to address include toxic plants, plastic bags and ties, wires and cords, chemicals, and medication. If you have a yard, make sure your gate and fence are secure.

Meet The Vet

Rescue dogs are often recuperating from illness, injuries, malnutrition, neglect, trauma, and/or abuse. While rescue organizations will take care of Fido until he’s ready for adoption, you’ll need to stay on top of his veterinary care needs. You don’t have to bring him in the day you get him, but you should schedule an appointment ASAP. Ask for specific care tips while you’re there.

Give Fido Time

Fido may be uneasy at first, and might need time to adjust. While this is different for every pet, most pups need a few days to relax, a few weeks to get comfortable, and a few months to really feel safe.

Start A Schedule

Dogs tend to thrive on routine. Get Fido started out on a steady doggy routine for things like walks and playtime right away. If he needs to work on his petucation, start training immediately as well.

Expect The Unexpected

Fido may have phobias, quirks, or hang-ups you don’t know about yet. When walking him, use a sturdy leash and a good collar or harness. You don’t want him bolting if something spooks him!

Let Love Grow

Watching a dog blossom with love and care is a very beautiful experience. Focus on giving Fido great TLC, and making sure he feels loved and safe. You’ll be rewarded with unconditional friendship and loyalty, doggy kisses, and tail wags. What more could you want?

As your Ellicott City, MD veterinary clinic, we’re here to help! Call us anytime!

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