Myths About Specially-Abled Pets

Nationally Specially-Abled Pets Day is May 3rd. Are you planning to adopt a new pet soon? If so, don’t overlook that adorable pooch with one eye, or the sweet little dog with three legs. Pets with medical handicaps often have a very difficult time getting adopted. This is really sad, because they sometimes make the best pets! An Ellicott City, MD vet discusses specially-abled pets in this article.


One common misconception about specially-abled pets is that they need constant care. The truth is, many of them just need things done a bit differently. For instance, a deaf dog can be taught to respond to hand signals or laser pointers. A blind kitty may just need other sensory clues, such as carpet runners and air fresheners, to help her find her way around. 


People often pass over specially-abled pets because they assume that they need a lot of veterinary care, which of course would cost money. This isn’t necessarily the case, though. By the time a pet is put up for adoption, they should be pretty much healed from any illness or injury. If the issue is caused by genetics, there simply may not be anything that can be done, other than just giving them great care. You may also find that in some cases, shelters will work with you. They may offer discounted adoption rates to help offset any costs. In any case, it never hurts to ask!

A Loving Pet

If you are an animal lover, as we all are, you may wish you could help every animal out there. While we love seeing any pet go to a great home, these ‘imperfect’ pets are truly in desperate need. Specially-abled pets are often passed over again and again. That’s really sad, because they just want someone to love them! Keep in mind that pets don’t have the emotional or mental weight of being specially-abled that people often cope with. They’re just interested in having fun, collecting ear scritches, and spending time with their humans. That blind dog or deaf cat may turn out to be the best pet you’ve ever had. Giving that sweet dog or cat a loving home may be a life-changing experience, for both you and your new buddy.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Ellicott City, MD veterinary clinic, we’re here to help!

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