Taking Fido Swimming

Are you planning to go swimming this summer? If so, your canine pal may want to go with you. Many dogs like going pretty much anywhere and everywhere with their humans! You’ll need to take some precautions, however, as pools and beaches can be very dangerous for dogs. A local Ellicott City, MD vet offers some tips on taking your furry buddy swimming in this article.

Consider Fido’s Health

Swimming can be very beneficial for dogs. The water will support your canine buddy’s weight, which is great for his bones and joints. However, water sports aren’t right for every dog. If Fido is a puppy, a small dog, brachycephalic, overweight, has mobility issues, and/or just isn’t comfortable in the water, he’s best off keeping all four of his paws on land. Let him play in a kiddie pool instead.

Choose Safe Spots

Dogs are over their heads in just a few feet of water. Don’t take Fido anywhere with strong currents or steep drop-offs. If you’re going to a beach, choose one that’s known for being pet friendly.

Take Extra Precautions

This is one area where you just can’t take too many precautions. Bring a doggy lifejacket with you. If you’re going to a pool, make sure that your canine companion knows where the stairs are, so he can get out if he falls in by accident. Most importantly, never leave your beloved pet unattended near water, even for a minute. Accidents can happen in a split second!

Swimming Lessons

If your furry best friend doesn’t know how to swim, take time to show him. Don’t throw him into the water: this may just scare him, and leave him terrified of the water. Support Fido’s weight as he’s learning, and encourage him with praise and attention.

Paw Care

Do you know how your skin gets wrinkled when you go swimming or take a long bath? The same thing happens to Fido’s toes. Your pup’s cute paws will be extra delicate when they are wet. You don’t want Fido getting blisters or cuts! Paw balm will help protect those furry feet.


Once swim time is over, rinse your four-legged pal off to get any sand, dirt, or chlorine out of his fur. Later on, you may need to brush him.

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