Sugar Glider Care

Are you looking for a small pet that is super cute and perhaps a little unusual? A sugar glider may be the perfect match for you! A local Ellicott City, MD vet offers some advice on caring for these adorable little animals below.


First things first: sugar gliders are very social by nature. A single sugar glider will get sad and depressed without any roommates to play with. We recommend getting at least two. Just be sure to only keep same-sex pairs together, as otherwise, well, you may end up with more pets than you bargained for. If you keep males together, you’ll need to have them neutered, so they don’t fight. This same rule doesn’t apply to girls, though, as the spaying procedure can be dangerous for females.


Your buddies will need a home that is at least 2′ long, 2′ wide, and 3′ high, at the least. However, we recommend getting the biggest cage you have room for. Just make sure the cage offers plenty of vertical space. Ask your vet for more information.


Once you have the cage picked out, you’ll need to furnish it. Your pint-sized pals love to climb, so add lots of ropes, ladders, hammocks, and branches, as well as things like acacia gum, eucalyptus sticks, and sugar cane sticks. A nesting box is also a must. Your pets may also enjoy a little hammock and/or a cardboard box. You can also add an exercise wheel. Pick one with a solid bottom, though: the wire ones can cause injuries. As for toys, you can give your gliders things like balls, swings, bells, and rope toys.


Proper nutrition is crucial for any animal, and sugar gliders are no different. These guys love fruits, such as apples and bananas. You’ll need to make sure your little pets get plenty of fresh produce. Your gliders can also have plain, cooked chicken and/or freeze-dried meat, crickets, or mealworms. Calcium supplements are also important. Ask your vet for specific dietary advice.


Sugar gliders can get quite attached to their owners. However, they may be a bit shy at first. Let your pint-sized pets snuggle up in your pocket while you’re reading or watching TV. You may find your gliders becoming quite cuddly!

Do you have questions about sugar glider care? Contact us, your Ellicott City, MD animal clinic, today.

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