Spotlight On The Pomeranian

Little Pampered Dog Day is coming up on April 27th. If there’s one breed that comes to mind when you think of little pampered dogs, it’s likely the Pomeranian. These adorable dogs may be small, but they have big personalities, and are lots of fun to have around. An Ellicott City, MD vet offers some information on these cute canines below.


Fido certainly fits the description of a little pampered dog. Poms are quite small, usually reaching no more than 14 inches at the base of the neck. They are quite compact, and can get a bit round if allowed to overeat. They also have a way of wrapping their humans around their tiny paws!


Fido’s name reveals his origins: these fluffy little dogs hail from the Pomerania region in northwest Poland and northeast Germany. References to them go back to at least 1764, when a diary entry by James Boswell mentioned that ‘a Frenchman had a Pomeranian dog named Pomer, that he was mighty fond of.’ They are descended from Spitz-type dogs, such as the German Spitz, and are actually called the Dwarf Spitz in many places.


Fido can wear many different colors and patterns. Red is a popular color. This may have been prompted by the fact that Queen Victoria had a red Pomeranian. However, merle patterns are not allowed, as they have been linked to chronic health conditions.


Pomeranians are quite popular, and have repeatedly made the list of Top 20 most popular dog breeds. It’s not hard to see why! These charming pooches tend to be very loving and cuddly, and can often be found snuggled up in their humans’ laps.


Poms have very thick fur, which is of course one reason they are so adorable. Because they have double coats, it’s important to keep up with their beauty regimens. Otherwise, your canine friend’s pretty fur could get tangled. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Pomeranians are usually cheerful and friendly, and they are really just a joy to interact with. However, they can get a little feisty with other pups, however, as they tend to think they have something to prove. Training is just as important with these little guys as it is for larger pups. 

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