Giving Your Bird A Bath

May 4th has gone to the birds: it’s Bird Day! Polly may not be as popular as Fluffy and Fido, but she’s a wonderful and fun companion, and can quickly melt your heart. Of course, like any other pets, birds do need good care to thrive. That includes grooming! Read on as an Ellicott City, MD vet offers some advice on giving your colorful little buddy a bath.

Consider Temperatures

Birds can get very chilly when they are wet. Polly will need several hours to dry off. Don’t bathe her on cool days or too close to her bedtime. If possible, time your cute little pal’s beauty session so that she will have several hours in a warm sunny room after.

Try Different Options

Our feathered pals all have their own personal preferences for how they like to bathe. Larger birds may enjoy having a perch in the shower. (That’s fine, though you would need a shower head with a setting that doesn’t use much pressure.) Polly may also like a birdbath. You can also try sprizing your pet with a spray bottle, or just letting her splash around in a bowl of water.


Be careful with water temperature! If the water is too cold, Polly could catch a chill. If it’s too hot, she could get burned. Lukewarm is best.

Avoid Soap

Soap can strip the oils from Polly’s skin. She could also ingest some suds, which isn’t safe for her. Just use plain water. If your winged friend has gotten something spilled on her, ask your vet for advice on getting her cleaned up.

Keep It Shallow

Though a few birds, such as ducks and penguins, can swim, most pet birds cannot. In fact, being submerged can be extremely dangerous for them. Polly can’t fly with wet feathers! The water should be no deeper than your colorful buddy’s thighs.

Clean The Cage

Bathtime offers a perfect chance to clean Polly’s cage. Scrub and disinfect your bird’s dishes, toys, and perches, replace the pan liner, and wipe down the cage itself. Your cute pet will appreciate having a nice, clean cage to go back to. This is like the bird version of sleeping on clean sheets after a hot bath.

Be sure to bring Polly to your local Ellicott City, MD animal clinic regularly for exams and wellness care. We’re here to help!

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