Tips For Choosing A Pocket Pet

Are you considering adding a tiny furball to your household? Pocket pets are super cute, and are generally easy to care for. They’re of course quite popular with kids, but they can also be a good fit for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time or space. Gerbils, hamsters, and Guinea pigs are the most popular types of pocket pets, but they aren’t the only options. In this article, an Ellicott City, MD vet offers some information that may help you pick.


Gerbils are really very charming little furballs. They are quite docile, and also are naturally very clean. They don’t really care much for being held, though, which makes them a good choice for someone that is fine with just watching their tiny pal. Their care needs are also quite minimal.


Hamsters are a bit larger than gerbils, and somewhat more charismatic. There are several types to choose from, with the Syrian hamster being the most popular of the bunch. One thing to keep in mind here is the fact that Hammie is nocturnal. If you want to keep him in your child’s room, he may wake your little one up with his midnight shenanigans.

Guinea Pigs

The next size up would be the Guinea pig, or cavie. Cavies really do have distinct personalities, and can even learn simple tricks. They’re also more affectionate than most pocket pets. Some of them even like to sleep on their humans’ laps! Plus, they come in many colors and hairstyles. We would recommend getting at least two, though, as they get very lonely without buddies.


Mice get kind of a bad rap, as they’re usually known for being unwelcome visitors. However, they actually do make cute little pets. You may be surprised at how personable these tiny balls of fur can get!


While exotics and pocket pets aren’t exactly clearly defined categories. Some smaller exotics, such as sugar gliders and hedgehogs, may fit the bill for someone who is looking for a small pet. These guys can make really fun and charming animal companions. However, they will need a bit more care and attention, and there’s definitely more research involved. They may also need more specialized diets and habitats.

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