Cat Bonding Mistakes

Have you recently adopted a kitty? Congratulations! Some cats are purring, affectionate cuddlebugs from Day One. Others? Not so much. Those early days with Fluffy are quite important, as you’ll need to proceed carefully and correctly to get started out on the right paw with your new pet. Here, an Ellicott City, MD vet lists some common mistakes people make when befriending their cats.

Forcing Attention

When it comes to interacting with cats, rule number one is to never try to pet or hold your kitty against her will. Don’t try to pet or hold your feline pal if she seems uncomfortable. If Fluffy struggles at all, just let her go. If she thinks you’re going to grab her and hold her against her wishes, she may become quite wary of you.

Not Letting Fluffy Decide

This is a simple one, but also very important. When you want to pet your cat, hold your hand out and let her sniff it (or head butt it) first. It’s very important for your furry buddy to feel that she can decide when to move towards you and when to walk away. Try sitting on the floor with a toy or treat in her hand, and make that ‘psst psst’ sound kitties can’t resist. It may take time, but be patient.

Ignoring Kitty Signals

Kitties can be confusing at times. Learning how to read Fluffy’s body language can be very eye opening! For instance, if your furball is sprawled out, she’s probably feeling pretty safe. If she’s hunched up into a ‘loaf’ she may still be uneasy. Do some research on kitty body language, and learn how to speak ‘cat’.

Lack Of Proper Gifts

Our feline overlords convinced several ancient cultures to more or less treat her as a deity. Fluffy expects to be treated with proper respect. That means offerings .. . or bribes. Catnip, toys, pet furniture, and yummy treats are all acceptable. Comfy beds won’t hurt, either.

Not Talking

We may never sort out what percentage of our language cats understand. (We may also never find out how much Fluffy understands but deliberately ignores.) Speaking to your feline friend in a friendly tone of voice will do a lot to help her feel safe, and just get used to you. Cats also make great listeners!

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