Spring Care For Birds

Spring is just about a week off now. Soon wild birds will start migrating back from the south, filling the air with song. Pet birds are also susceptible to seasonal changes and activities. Polly may be a bit of a handful over the next few months! An Ellicott City, MD vet offers some advice on what to expect below. 


Love In The Air 

Birds are extremely sensitive to environmental changes, and will definitely notice the days getting longer and the temperatures climbing. These things trigger the hormonal and behavioral changes that preclude breeding cycles. You may notice aggressive behavior and/or unusual bursts of random bird silliness. For instance, your feathered buddy may start singing in the middle of the night, or decide to throw her seeds everywhere. Just roll with it!


Behavioral Issues 

Breeding behaviors can have a huge effect on your winged friend’s temperament. Don’t go overboard with cuddles and affection: Polly may get the wrong impression, which may lead to behavioral issues. Ask your vet for more information.


Keeping Polly Calm

While you can’t control the weather or the changes in light cycles, you can control the environment inside your home. Put Polly to bed early, and close the blinds in her room before bedtime. Rainy days seem to trigger breeding behaviors, so hold off on baths if your colorful buddy is acting up. 



Sometimes birds become fixated on certain toys or objects. If your pet does this, replace those items with other ones. Foods that are very high in fat can also stimulate hormone production, so you may need to slightly tweak your winged pal’s diet. Ask your vet for recommendations. 



Be careful when opening doors and windows, especially if your feathered friend is flighted. It’s very easy for Polly to slip out an open door!



As the weather warms up, many people roll up their sleeves and tackle some spring cleaning. This will benefit both you and your pet. Pay extra attention to windows, screens, and window coverings, as these things can become quite dusty. Polly’s cage could likely benefit from a good deep cleaning. This is also a good time of year to shampoo your carpets. Use non-toxic cleaners, and take care not to expose your winged pal to any fumes or vapors. 


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