Caring For An Active Dog

April is Active Dog Month! Fido needs proper activity to stay fit and healthy, just as we do. Of course, some pups have a lot more pep than others do. If your dog is a furry, four-legged bundle of zoom, read on! A Ellicott City, MD vet offers some advice on caring for an energetic pooch below. 


Tire Him Out

Fido will be much harder to control if he’s got the zoomies. Dogs with too much pent-up energy can be prone to bad behaviors, such as digging or chewing. Walk and play with your furry friend daily. Your pup will be more relaxed—and less prone to mischief—once he’s worked off that extra energy!


Enlist Help


Consider hiring someone to walk and/or play with your canine buddy while you’re at work. Doggy daycare may also be an option. When you get home, you’ll still get that adorable happy dance, but Fido won’t be as full of pent-up energy. 

Offer The Right Food 

Every dog has unique nutritional needs. A pup that is very active and energetic will have different nutritional needs than a Pomeranian who spends his days curled up on his owner’s lap. Like his workout, Fido’s diet should be based on his age, size, health, and lifestyle. Ask your vet for recommendations. 

Adjust Over Time 

As Fido ages, his risk of developing certain health conditions, such as arthritis, will increase. You’ll also need to adjust your furry buddy’s activity schedule over time. Keep up with those veterinary appointments!

Watch For Overheating

Fido can get overheated very easily running and playing, particularly when it’s really hot out. Keep your canine pal properly hydrated! (Tip: consider getting a doggy water bottle with an attached drinking bowl.) 

Don’t Overdo It 

Watch out for signs that Fido is getting tired, such as panting or lagging behind. If you know or suspect that your pooch is running out of steam, immediately give him some water and head for home. You’ll also want to look out for things like stiffness and/or limping after a workout. 

Be Consistent

If Fido gets short walks during the week and strenuous hikes on weekends, he could be at risk of certain injuries, such as sprains or CCL tears. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about your dog’s care needs? Contact us, your Ellicott City, MD animal clinic, today!


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