Beach Safety For Dogs

Are you planning to hit the beach this summer? Your canine patients would be delighted to spend some time at the shore. Fido loves running and playing in the water. However, you’ll need to take some precautions to keep him safe seaside. The ocean can be extremely dangerous for Man’s Best Friend! You’ll read some great doggy beach safety tips in this article from an Ellicott City, MD veterinarian.

Beach Bag

Your furry beach bunny should have a few towels, a spare leash or tie line, an umbrella, and a water bowl. (Collapsible dishes are a good option here.) We’d also recommend getting a stake for tying your pooch up. You can find ones made just for sandy ground. A pet first-aid kit and sunscreen are also good things to have on hand. You may want to add a bandana or cooling pad. Last but not least, include a doggy lifejacket. 


Bring plenty of water along for Fido. Your furry pal can overheat very quickly at the beach! Hydration is crucial here. Freeze a few extra bottles of water and bring those along, so your canine buddy can have colder water as they melt. Ask your vet for more advice on keeping your pooch cool and comfy.


Even if your pup loves swimming, he can get into trouble pretty quickly at the ocean. Strong tides, heavy wakes, and powerful waves all pose serious threats to your furry best friend. Keep a very close eye on Fido, and only let him swim in calm spots with gentle slopes. 

Paw Care

Dogs’ paws get very delicate when wet, just as our skin does. This will leave Fido very susceptible to cuts and blisters from hot surfaces and sharp rocks and shells. Try to keep your canine companion off scorching sands and tar, and use paw balm or wax to protect those cute toe beans.


If the beach you go to has a rinsing station, use that to get salt and sand out of Fido’s fur before you head home. Otherwise, do this once you get back to your place. A good brushing after your pooch is dry is also in order. Top off the day by giving your canine pal a cold treat, like doggy ice cream.

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