Taking Your Dog To Work

June 23rd is Take Your Dog To Work Day! This event was started back in 1999 as a way to celebrate our canine companions, and hopefully help some pups get adopted. This pawesome celebration has continued to grow, with more and more companies coming onboard every year. If your workplace has given the idea of hiring Fido the thumbs-up, read on! Here, a Marriottsville, MD vet offers some advice on getting your pooch a job. 

Applying To The Right Place 

Fido won’t have much luck getting hired in a laboratory, because of the need to maintain a sterile environment. The best option? A small, privately-owned office or shop. He may also have a good chance at getting into Amazon, Airbnb, or Radio Systems Corporation, all of whom have pet-friendly policies. 


A polished resume is key to scoring that interview. Fido’s best option is to leave out some of the things he learned early in his career, such as retrieving game and herding livestock. However, Man’s Best Friend does have some skills that are very much in demand. He’s excellent at relieving stress, boosting morale, and improving the workplace environment. He’s also experienced with working remotely, and has been attending Zoom meetings since 2020.


Skills are only part of the package. To get in, Fido also has to show that he’s a good fit. If your furry pal is fearful, reactive, loud, or aggressive, he’s probably not going to get the job. He also needs to make it past initial screening. At that point, anyone with allergies or phobias can reject his application. 

The First Day 

If Fido gets the official stamp of approval, it’s time to get him ready for that crucial first day. A good bath is definitely in order. You may even want to take your pooch to the salon. It’s important for him to put his best paw forward, and he can’t do that if he’s stinky! Ties are optional, but will go a long way in making a good impression. 

Doggy Schedules 

Another thing to work out is Fido’s schedule. Pups should only report to work after their morning workouts, which should consist of a walk and play session. Breaks should be timed in coordination with the rest of the office. 

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